If you know your password already, but would like to change it to something else, you have two options: 1) You may contact us by submitting a new ticket to our support team and we will gladly update it for you, OR 2) You may change it yourself under the Settings page. To personalize it yourself, simply:

1) Log-In to your Sub Sidekick page

2) Click on Settings at the top of the page

3) Click Profile

4) Find the column on the right hand side that says "Sub Sidekick Login Password"

5) Type in the new password of your choice under 'new password

6) Type the same password again where it says 'confirm password'

7) Don't forget to finalize it by clicking the blue button 'change password.' 

**If you have forgotten your password and cannot log-in in order to update your password, click here to find instructions on how to reset your password.