You may have heard of a job but Sub Sidekick didn't notify you. Here is a list of possible reasons this can happen:

  1. You don't have the substitute account added to the Accounts tab on the Settings page. If you see Click "Add Account" to add an account., then you have no accounts added. Ensure your expected accounts appear in this list
  2. The job did not meet your keyword or duration filters. Click Job History to see if any jobs have been detected where alert sent is N
  3. The job was marked as unavailable, meaning that the job is locked or currently unavailable for acceptance. Once the job becomes available, you will be notified
  4. The substitute service may use algorithms to only show a job to substitute teachers that are on a preferred list, have a specific qualification, or other criteria defined by the school district
  5. The job was never available on the substitute website. Sub Sidekick can only detects jobs that appear on the substitute website. Some jobs such as "preferred sub" job don't appear on the substitute website. You may only receive any email about the job. If the job isn't on the substitute website when you login, then Sub Sidekick can't detect it and send you an alert.
  6. Because Sub Sidekick checks for jobs at a set interval, a job may have appeared and disappeared between that interval. There is no way to change this interval because it is determined by our server.