To contact Sub Sidekick, please submit a new ticket to our support team. When you do this please provide detailed information on how we will be able to assist you. Below is possible information you'll want to provide us in your email, depending on what issue you are experiencing. The more information you can provide us upfront, the better we will be able to assist you. 

1. Error Message/Technical Problem: Please take a screenshot of the page where your issue is occurring and send it in your email to us. If you haven’t done this before, simply follow these instructions outlined here: When you first get to the page, you’ll want to click on the tab at the top based on whatever device you are using and it will explain exactly what to do.

2. Account Problems: If you are having trouble ADDING an account, please send us the substitute service provider that you use (Aesop, SubFinder, SubFinder Elite, SmartFindExpress) and your substitute account information so that we can add your account manually for you (account information would include your substitute ID/username and your PIN/password). If you are having other issues with your account, please explain that in detail.

3. Payment Issues:  If your issue is only on the PayPal site, please contact them directly at: PayPal Support 1-888-221-1161. If it is an issue that is also impacting your Sub Sidekick page, please provide the following information in your email to us: We will need the email address associated with PayPal and any email addresses you've ever used with Sub Sidekick (if you've changed the email address in our system or theirs before, it will be helpful to have all of the emails you've ever used with us so that we can best view your PayPal history).