There are a couple of possible reasons you may be getting email/text alerts later than they appear on your substitute-service's website:

1. Our servers are only able to search for jobs approximately every 60 seconds (depending on your sub-service). So if our server IS in between search intervals, a job may appear on your sub-service's website a short time before you receive your alert from Sub Sidekick. However, as soon as our server does detect a job, it will send its alerts to you within 1 second.

2. Since our server sends alerts within 1 second of detecting a job, even if there is a slight delay between our search interval, you should be receiving alerts within about 1 minute of each job being posted. If you feel you are receiving alerts later than this, there may be an issue with your cell-phone provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc...). If this happens consistently, you should call your provider directly.

*If you would like some useful tips on how to view and accept jobs as quickly as possible, read further here: What Is The Fastest Way To Accept a Job?