These 3 setting options allow you to choose how you will be prompted when you receive a text alert. They can be found under the ‘alerts’ section of your Settings page and are under the heading: “When I click the link in a text message it should”


1) Ask Me If I Want To Accept The Job: If you choose this setting, then you’ll first be prompted asking if you want the job. Then if you click ‘OK,’ Sub Sidekick will attempt to accept the job for you. If you click ‘Cancel’ then you will be logged into your substitute-service account where you can view all available jobs and their details.


2) Accept The Job Right Away: If you choose this option it means once you click the link, Sub Sidekick will immediately attempt to accept the job for you. Remember, you'll still be able to see the basic details of the job in the text to help you decide if you want it, it just means that once you click the link, we'll try and get the job for you right then instead of having to prompt you further. 

3) Show Me The Job So I Can See More Details: Lastly, if you choose this setting, then when you click the link, it will take you to your substitute-service account so you can view the job there.