1) Is your account showing as Inactive or Suspended?


Often times licenses go inactive when there's a payment issue of some type (possibly PayPal having difficulty charging a card, etc...). Because of this, even though you updated your PayPal account, your license will stay inactive until you 're-subscribe,' which basically is just a reset for your account. Luckily it's typically an easy-fix. All you will need to do is follow these instructions below. Let us know once you've done this and we will double-check that everything is working properly on our end. Instructions to re-subscribe:

1. Click the Subscription link at the top of your Sub Sidekick page

2. Click 'cancel' on the subscription type that is currently active

3. Return to the Subscription page

4. Click Sign Up for your desired subscription type

5. You will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete the subscription


2) Have you followed these steps and it is still not allowing you to complete your subscription?


If you follow these steps and you are still experiencing an issue, there's a chance you have multiple accounts in our system. Please send a new ticket to our support team and list all possible email addresses that you could have signed up for accounts in the past (with us and/or PayPal). This will allow us to merge all accounts and provide you access to your account again.