Unfortunately the substitute-services do not allow us to accept jobs automatically for you. This is most likely because they want every user to review the jobs first. However, below are some tips that may help you in viewing jobs and accepting them the quickest ways possible:

1) You can set your When I click the link in a text message it should setting to Accept the Job Right Away on the Alert tab of your Sub Sidekick settings. If you do this, when you click the link provided in text messages, Sub Sidekick will attempt to accept the job right away rather than prompt you first. This is the closest option we have to 'automatically accepting jobs' and works well if you're confident you want the job.  

2) Many times the easiest jobs to accept will occur in the middle of the night or early morning when teachers decide at the last minute that they need to be absent.

3) Anytime you have access to a computer nearby, the fastest method for getting alerts and accepting jobs is via the Job Alert window from the Sub Sidekick website. To access the window, login to your Sub Sidekick account at www.subsidekick.com and then click the Launch Job Alert button. Turn up your computer volume and leave your computer on to get an audio alert when a job is available.

4) In highly competitive districts, there are dozens of substitute teachers actively searching for open jobs at any given time. Because of this, even attempting to accept the job immediately does not guarantee you will receive the job. A long-term strategy to help with this is to get on a preferred-substitute-list for a school, which will result in personal calls to you directly from the school.