SubSidekick now has an App that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android smartphone/tablet! We feel our users will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of receiving alerts and accepting jobs on this new app. 

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Benefits of using the SubSidekick App

When choosing whether you want to receive our mobile app alerts or text message alerts, it helps to know how they differ.

One benefit of the App is that you can see the Available Jobs list directly on the app and accept/manage jobs from there, in addition to getting the push-notifications of the jobs. Text message alerts will also come to you with a link for you to accept the job directly, but then of course there is no Available Jobs list to reference without going to the SubSidekick website. 

The other benefit of the app is that there is no limit to how many alerts you can receive. With text messages, if you happen to receive more than 20 text messages a day consistently for more than 2 weeks, our system will ask you to add filters to your account to reduce text volume (since that many texts does cost us more than what the monthly fee covers). The app has no limit on alerts. Of course, if you don't usually receive that many alerts, then that might not need to be a consideration for you.

Please see below for all of the information you'll need to get started using it and, as always, let us know if you have any questions by submitting a new ticket to our support team. 

Downloading & Using The SubSidekick App:

1) To install the App on your smartphone/tablet, see our article: How Do I Download The App?

2) To set up your phone/tablets for App alerts, see our article: How Do I Get The App To Send Me Notifications?

3) To start receiving alerts from the app instead of texts, you will need to change your settings on on our SubSidekick website under your existing account. Just click Settings, then Alerts, then under Mobile Alert Type, and choose Mobile App. You will now receive app alerts (and still emails) for all new jobs. **please note: if you choose Mobile App alerts, you will no longer receive text message alerts. You must choose one or the other since they offer essentially the same service. However, email alerts will always be offered with either text messages OR mobile App alerts. 

4) To start accepting jobs, see our article: How Do I Accept A Job On The App?

Other articles about the App can be found by logging in to your SubSidekick account, clicking Support at the top of the page, then FAQ's/Contact Us, then finding the category titled Mobile App