There are two options that you can utilize to reduce/stop the number of notifications that you receive:

1) Reduce job alerts through filters - this can be done on our website by logging in, clicking Settings, and then finding the Filters tab.

2) Turn off SubSidekick app notifications on your device so that you no longer receive notifications on your phone. You will still be able to see all available jobs within the actual app and accept jobs there - you just would no longer receive notifications when new jobs come in. To do this see below:


iPhone/iPad: See Apple's full explanation of notifications here

    • Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
    • Then select Notifications
    • Scroll down through your list of apps until you see SubSidekick
    • Click on SubSidekick which will open the Notification center for the app
    • You'll see the Allow Notifications button highlighted in green at the top.
    • Slide this button to the left until it is no longer green and all details below are cleared. Now you will no longer receive notifications from our app.

Android Phones/Tablets: See Android's full explanation of notifications here.

You can use your device's Settings app to completely block notifications from a particular app:

  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Touch Sound & notification > App notifications.
  3. Touch on the SubSidekick app.
  4. Switch on Block all.

Now you will never get notifications from the SubSidekick app. You can always turn notifications back on if you change your mind.