The Sub Sidekick Job Alerts page has been updated to now show an active list of jobs (and no longer a history of jobs sent). This means that what you will see will now be similar to what is on your substitute-service page, as we will only show you jobs that are currently available (AND that match your filters/settings on your Sub Sidekick account). This does mean that if there are no current jobs available that match your filters, then the Job Alerts page will be blank. However, if you DO still wish to see your full job history, you can still see this by clicking on the 'job history' tab at the very top of your Sub Sidekick page. 

Because of this upgrade, the Job Alerts window will show new jobs when they come in and should still make a signal sound, but they will clear off the page as soon as they are accepted by another user so they might not stay up for long. 

If you see a job on one of your substitute service pages that does NOT show up on your Sub Sidekick job alerts page, and you feel it's a job you should've received, please submit a new ticket to our support team with the details of the job and we will investigate for you.