After logging into your account, you will notice a Launch Job Alerts button. If you click this button a new window will launch in your browser. As long as your computer is on, connected to the internet, and this window is open, you will hear an audio alarm each time a job is found. Make sure your volume is turned up too!

When a job is detected it will appear at the top of the alert page. If you click on the job that you are interested in, you will be automatically logged in and directed to that job on the substitute website.

Keep in mind that these Audio Alerts are really created to best work on desktop computers (as opposed to smart phones/tablets). The reason for this is that anytime you navigate away from the page on your phone/tablet, the audio alerts will not sound. Also as soon as your phone/tablet 'sleeps' the audio alerts page will not sound. If you do choose to run the browser alerts on phone/tablet, just remember that it will only work if your screen is powered on and the Sub Sidekick page is open. Otherwise, alerts will not be delivered. 

The good news is that even if you must navigate away from our page and miss the audio alert, you can still receive text and/or email alerts so that you don't ever miss a job. Between all 3 options, you should be able to receive an audio alert of some sort any time of day. Below are further details on how to set up the Audio Alerts page on your desktop so that it stays on front of your screen at all times. If you need any further assistance, please submit a new ticket to our support team. 

Stay On Top:
Do you want the window to always be on top of any other open windows? On Windows, you can download and install Nail It in order to make the job alert window "sticky" and remain above other windows. On Mac OS X, you can download and install Afloat to do the same thing.

Additional Nail It Instructions: 
Once the program is downloaded, open the zip file. Copy the nail.exe file to your Desktop and then double click it to open the program. An icon should appear in your system tray, right beside the clock (in the bottom right-hand side of your screen). To "Nail" a program, right click the paper icon in your system tray and choose Nail. Next click on the window that you want Nailed. That's it.

Automatically Start with Computer (Windows Only): 
If you want Sub Sidekick to automatically start when your computer starts, download the attached file below in this support article.
  1. Open the location that contains the downloaded file attachment
  2. Right-click the attachment and then click Cut
  3. Click the Start button, click All Programs, right-click the Startup folder, and then click Open
  4. Right-click in the folder and click Paste