You have two options for resetting your password:

A) Reset your password yourself through our automated system
  1. You can reset your password by visiting the forgot password page
  2. Enter your Email address associated with your account and click Submit
  3. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  4. Copy the password, ensuring that you do not select any surrounding space characters
  5. Click Log In
  6. Enter your Email and paste (do not manually type) in your temporary Password
  7. Once logged in, ensure you are on the Settings page
  8. Click the Profile tab
  9. Paste your temporary password in the box that says Current Password
  10. Enter a new password that you will remember in the New Password box
  11. Re-enter the same password in the Confirm New Password box
  12. Click Update to finalize - your password is now updated!

B) Submit a new ticket to our support team and we will happily reset it for you.