to Sub Sidekick and click the Settings page.

A) Accounts: This is where you will add your Substitute Account information from your sub service (Aesop, SubFinder, SmartFindExpress, etc...)

  1. Click the Accounts tab
  2. Then click Add Substitute Account
  3. Choose the appropriate substitute Service that your school district uses
  4. If the service is Aesop, then choose USA for all USA school districts or Canada for all Canada school districts
  5. If the service is SmartFindExpress or SubFinder, begin typing the name of your District and click your district when it appears*
  6. Enter your Substitute Login ID and Substitute Password
  7. Then click Create

*If you get an error that the account already exists, this indicates that the substitute account has already been added to another Sub Sidekick users settings. Typically, this occurs if you accidentally create multiple accounts. Please login and use your other account. If you need your accounts merged or you have two accounts with the same ID, please submit a new ticket to our support team.

**If you can't find your district, please submit a new ticket to our support team and request for it to be added.

B) Alerts: This is where you will enter the email address and phone number that you would like job alerts to be sent to. You can also manage your text message settings here. 

C) Filters: You may want to consider adding filters under the Filters tab for the types of jobs you are NOT interested in. Filtering out jobs that you don't want not only keeps you from being alerted unnecessarily, but it also will keep your text message volume down. Your subscription does cover a large amount of texts per month, within reason. However, if your texts exceed 40/day on average for the month (approximately 1,200/month), you will be asked to add filters to your settings since that amount of texts does cost us more than the subscription fee. For more details on how to add filters and reducing text message volume, click here.

D) Profile: If you ever need/want to change your log-in information, you can change your log-in email and/or password here.

If you have any further questions about your Account Settings, please submit a new ticket to our support team and someone will gladly assist you.