You can test your 10 digit phone number logging directly into Aesop®. If your login works there, then it will work on Sub Sidekick. If you are located in Canada, test your login here.

Is your Aesop® ID correct?

You must use your 10 digit phone number. You should have a primary phone number on file with your school district and you can use this as your Aesop® ID. You can view your associated phone number by logging into your Aesop® account and clicking your name at the top of the page. You will see your phone number listed.

Is your Aesop® PIN correct?

If you are not sure, request a PIN Reminder.

Has your phone number changed in the Aesop® system?

The issue may be caused by a change in your personal information. Login to your Aesop® account and click your name at the top of the page. You will see your phone number listed. Click Edit and then change the phone number to match your Sub Sidekick Aesop® ID. Once that is completed, you will be able to login with the listed phone number and your PIN.

Is there a possibility that you have a duplicate account with us?

There is a chance you already have an account with Sub Sidekick under a different email address that is already using your substitute information. If this is the case, the system won't let you add a new account. Please let our support team know of any other email address you may possibly have in our system so that they can merge all of your accounts together and allow you access back into the system. 

To contact Sub Sidekick's Support Team, please submit a new ticket and provide as much detail as possible with the problem you are experiencing.