If you are interested in only being alerted to jobs that are full-day, we have this filter on our Sub Sidekick Settings page. To select this option, follow the instructions below:

1) Login to your Sub Sidekick page

2) Click on Settings at the top of the page

3) Click the Filters tab

4) Under 'Send Alerts For,' select the option that says 'Full Day Jobs Only'

5) You are now set up to only receive full-day job alerts from Sub Sidekick, even if half-day jobs show up on your substitute service.

If you are interested in only being alerted to jobs that are half-day, you'll need to set this up through your substitute service. 

  • For Aesop users, you'll want to add 'non work days' to your account but when doing so, you'll add the time-frame that you don't want to work. There is a 'repeat' function there as well so once you've set it up, you can make this setting apply to all work-days if you would like. See full instructions on Aesop's Learning Center article: How To Add Non-Work Days or Non-Work Times.

  • For SmartFindExpress users, you'll want to follow the directions below:

1. Select 'Schedule' at the top of your page and then click General from the Schedule menu to display your daily work schedule. 

2. Click 'New 'to make changes to your schedule. 

3. On the New Schedule screen, make any modifications to the days and times that you are available for work. This is where you can set either mornings or afternoons as the times you prefer to work. Make sure the times you select match up with your school district's start time and end time.

4. If desired, set up Temporary Do Not Call times (which is different than work times, but can allow you to choose when calls come from SmartFindExpress). 

5. To delete a schedule, click the box next to the day you want to remove from your schedule and then click Delete. You can receive job offers (for future jobs) during calling periods on days that you have no availability unless the days/times are set up as “Do Not Call.” You will not receive calls for assignments during the time period you specify.

  • For other substitute services, you'll want to contact your service or district representative to see if they offer this feature. 

If you have any further questions, please submit a new ticket to our support team and someone will gladly assist you.