There are actually several advantages of using Sub Sidekick over Jobulator™. 

Jobulator Disadvantages:

  1. Jobulator does not send email alerts.
  2. Jobulator does not send text messages.
  3. To use Jobulator on your computer, you have to download their program and install it instead of just visiting a website
  4. Jobulator only works with Aesop (because it is owned by them) and can not work with any other district that uses a different substitute service (SmartFindExpress, SubFinder, etc...). We support all services. Your district may only use Aesop now, but that may change at some point and/or you may start working with another district in the future that uses a different service. Jobulator would not be able to support that.
  5. Jobulator only has an app. Sub Sidekick provides email alerts AND gives the option of app-alerts OR text alerts. 
  6. If you do not have a smartphone, you won't be able to use Jobulator's app, meaning you would only have their program on your desktop computer. Even then, their program for the computer is essentially the same as Sub Sidekick's, but again, it can only support Aesop jobs.


Sub Sidekick Advantages:

  1. Sends email alerts AND app-alerts or text messages when a job is available
  2. Each notification contains a direct link to the job so that you can quickly accept it. The link automatically logs you in and you are taken directly to the job details / accept page.
  3. Filter jobs based on keywords within a school name, employee name, or job title
  4. Filter jobs based on their duration (full day or half day)
  5. Support for all districts, not just the ones using Aesop
  6. No need to run any software or applications on your computer
  7. Can send text message alerts to ANY cell phone (not just smartphones)

All of these features keep you from having to stay at your computer checking Aesop's website all day, and provide a more comprehensive list of services than most other alert companies. We want you to be up to date on new jobs the moment they come in from wherever you happen to be. Thank you for considering Sub Sidekick!