Yes you can access multiple school districts at a time with Sub Sidekick! You first will need to make sure your substitute service account is set up properly to manage multiple districts, and then add that new information to your Sub Sidekick page as well.
For Aesop® Users:
Aesop wants users to create a 'multi-district' pin whenever you have more than one Aesop account. It will cut down on confusion for you and for them when searching and accessing jobs. It's a simple process and once you've created it on the Aesop site, just send us the new 6-digit pin you create, and we will update your Sub Sidekick page accordingly. This allows you to see both districts on the same log-in on your Aesop page by just using ONE pin from there on out. It also allows our server's searches for your account to be more streamlined as well.  

1) Create a Multi-District Pin on Aesop: You will need to log in to your Aesop page to do this. On your Aesop home page, go to 'Preferences,' and then select 'District List.' If Aesop recognizes you as a sub that works for multiple districts, a screen should pop up that looks like this:
District List
Creating a multiple district pin allows you to unite your Aesop access for all of the districts for which you work.
Please select a six-digit numeric pin to proceed 
New Multiple District Pin:
Confirm Multiple District Pin: 

Create your new pin and select 'create' when done. If this screen does not pop up, you'll want to contact your Aesop district coordinator to help you set up your pin. This contact person can be found on your Aesop page by clicking the "Questions" link in the top right hand corner. 
2) Add Districts on your Aesop page: Once the pin is created, go back to your Aesop district list and click 'add districts' to add as many additional districts as you would like. 

3) Add your new Multi-District Pin to Sub Sidekick: To add your multi-district pin to Sub Sidekick, you can either contact our support team and we'll add it for you, or you can add it to your account yourself. If you would like to add it yourself, follow these directions below:
  • Log in to your Sub Sidekick page and click on Settings. 
  • Find your Aesop substitute account that and click on the image of the key to edit your pin. 
  • Type in your new multi-district pin where it prompts you for your password and click 'edit' when done. 
  • This will ensure that anytime our server searches your Aesop account, it will now search any and all districts you have on your Aesop account for jobs.

If you have any further difficulties with the Aesop page, you can contact your Aesop District Contact mentioned above.

*For additional information on accessing multiple districts through Aesop, you can also visit The Aesop Learning Center's article on Using Aesop as a Multi-District Sub.
For Other Users (SubFiner, SmartFindExpress, etc...):

If you have multiple substitute accounts and your school district does not provide a multi-district PIN then you can individually add each account