As a substitute teacher, you are often stuck at your computer waiting for jobs to become available. This can make it difficult to get the jobs you want, especially since most people can't be at their computer all day. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can be alerted immediately after a job is posted, even when you are away from your computer. With Sub Sidekick, alerts can be delivered as an email, text message, and/or audio alarm to your cell phone, tablet, and computer. Sub Sidekick continually searches for jobs and immediately alerts you when one is found. The alert you receive contains the job details and a direct link for you to quickly accept the job. 

Sub Sidekick doesn't just help you find more jobs; it helps you find the exact jobs you want. Its smart filters let you choose which types of jobs trigger an alert, based on the job title, school, employee, and assignment length.

Free yourself from your computer by letting Sub Sidekick do the hard work for you. If you are interested in trying our service, learn here about how to Set Up A Free 14-Day Trial.