1) To download the SubSidekick app to your smartphone, you may either:

Click one of the direct download links below:

Get it on Google Play


You may visit the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet, search for our app under 'SubSidekick,' and download the app onto your device. 

2) Once downloaded, you will be prompted to enter your log-in information which is the same log-in information that you use to access your SubSidekick web page.

After logging in (with your SubSidekick login email and password), this will connect you to the same job information that you receive on your SubSidekick page. There you'll see a list of Available Jobs where you can accept jobs or click job listings to be taken to your substitute-service website to view the jobs there. 

3) Lastly, you'll need to enable 'notifications' on your device in order for the app to send you pop-up alerts with sound. To do this follow directions below depending on what device you're using:

For iPhones and iPads, see Apple's full explanation of notifications here

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Then select Notifications
  3. Scroll down through your list of apps until you see SubSidekick
  4. Click on SubSidekick which will open the Notification center for the app
  5. Make sure the top button next to Allow Notifications is pushed to the right and highlighted in green
  6. Then you can manage your notification settings to match your preferences. Options you'll see are as follows:

    • Show in Notification Center (this is where you can choose how many items you'd like to show up on your screen at one time)
    • Sounds (this is where you can select to hear an audible signal for each notification or not)
    • Badge App Icon (this does not apply to our app - leave 'off' or unselected)
    • Show on Lock Screen (this means the notifications will show up on your screen even if your phone is locked)
    • Alert Style When Unlocked (you will have 3 options of how you'd like the notification to appear while you are using your phone to do other things): None, Banner, or Alert.

For Android phones and tablets, see Android's full explanation of notifications here. In sum, you'll want to go to your phone settings and locate the SubSidekick app. The options you'll want to review are as follows:

  • "Block All - Never Show notifications from this app."  Make sure this is turned OFF.
  • "Treat as Priority - Let this app's notifications be heard when Do Not Disturb is set to Priority Only." Make sure this is turned ON.
  • "Allow peeking - Let this App emphasize certain notifications by sliding them briefly into view on current screen."  Make sure this is also turned ON.