When setting up a trial or subscription, you will have the option to choose the 2 ways you'd like to receive alerts: 

  1. Text messages & Email alerts
  2. App Notifications & Email alerts 

It is really a matter of personal preference whether you want to receive alerts on our App or via Text Messages. The good news is you can try out both and switch at any time on the Settings page on our website. Just click Settings, then Alerts, then under Mobile Alert Type, you can choose Mobile App OR Text Message.

One benefit of the App is that you can see the Available Jobs list and accept jobs directly from there in addition to getting the push-notifications of the jobs. Text message alerts will also come to you with a link for you to accept the job directly, but then of course there is no Available Jobs list to reference. 

The other benefit of the app is that there is no limit to how many alerts you can receive. With text messages, if you happen to receive more than 20 text messages a day consistently for more than 2 weeks, our system will ask you to add filters to your account to reduce text volume (since that many texts does cost us more than what the monthly fee covers). However, if you don't usually receive that many alerts, then that might not need to be a consideration for your. 

Either option is a great way to receive alerts and stay informed of all available jobs. If you have any further questions please submit a new ticket to our support team and we'll be happy to help!