The list of jobs that you'll see on the app is an active list of jobs (not a history of jobs sent). This means that what you will see will now be similar to what is on your substitute-service page, as we will only show you jobs that are currently available (AND that match your filters/settings on your Sub Sidekick account). 

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • If there are no current jobs available that ALSO match your filters, then the Job Alerts page will be blank. 
  • Once a new job becomes available on your substitute-service site, it will take a short amount of time for our server to detect the job and then be sent to you on the app. In most cases this process will be a matter of seconds, but if our server happens to be in between searches when the job first appears, it could be closer to a minute or so. 
  • Jobs will be cleared from your list once they are accepted by you or another user. However, keep in mind that there also might be a slight delay at times if our server depending on how quickly our server receives notification that the job has been taken.